Tayga Productions is a creative agency and a full-cycle production company.

We make commercial and social ads, virals, TV shows, documentaries and motion pictures.

We are specifically good at branded video content – advertising projects packed in a motion picture’s format. For instance, for General Motors we made “Astra, I love you” film almanac, for Philips we filmed “What women are talking about” mini-series and for Uniliver we created “Vzboltovnya” (Shakechatter) animation project.

Tayga Productions is equipped to create interactive videos, computer graphics and animation, 360º videos, virtual and augmented reality projects.

Besides new technological features we are happy to offer classical advertising formats: TV ads, promos, testimonial videos, event reports and other audiovisual content.

Good story is a key for any successful campaign.

Would you like to tell your audience an interesting story? We are here to help!

Sincerely yours, Tayga Productions Team